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Campfire Voice - 11 May 2020


Campfire Convention is bringing people together across six online spaces through summer solstice weekend to celebrate World Harmony. 

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The time is right for a new style of gathering, one that has at its heart an ethos of inclusion and co-creation. On a personal and collective level, we have become compartmentalised and fragmented. This is an organic opportunity to harmonise at all levels, fusing together the various elements of life to stitch a new garment, shape a paradigm fit for these extraordinary times. 

We have been preparing the ground and sowing the seeds that are ready to break through - a fertile combination of learning, the arts, new media, heart-centred business and conscious social networking. 

World Harmony introduces Campfire's evolving online event blueprint - an exploration of how we bring together polarised energies around a shared vision of unity and connection.

Help Build This Together

Your donation will support the artists, speakers, poets, musicians, DJs, VJs, film-makers and creatives who are pooling their genius for your entertainment and enlightenment.

We have invited (confirmations so far in bold) 

THE LITTLE CHILL - music arts, Big Chill style

Invitations include The BaysHolotronica, Norman Jay, Banco De Gaia, Kaya Project, Sophie Bolton Ecstatic Dance set, Mixmaster Morris, MozezMarc Mac (4Hero), Digitonal, Jon Hopkins 'Quiet' set, alucidnation, Matt Black (Coldcut), Youth, Chris Coco, Ben Mynott, Laura B, Nico De TransilvaniaDarran P, Telefuzz, Pan Electric, Dr Trippy, Chewy Grandy, Loose Joints...

CAMPFIRE CONVERSATIONS - reimagining the future 

Daniel Pinchbeck, Jamie Catto, Kate Raworth, Angela Ward, Charles Eisenstein, Gaynor O'Flynn, Theo Simon, Indra Adnan, Peter MacFadyen, Lynne Franks, Patrick Andrews, Open Credit Network, Jonathan Leighton, Brian Eno, Caroline Pakel, Julene Siddique 'Woman's Initiation Journey', Pete Lawrence.

THE ACOUSTIC FIRE - acoustic music and poetry

Adrian Legg, Julia Palmer-Price, Bob Hillary, Beth Salmon, Rory McLeod, Boudicca's Child, Mike Cooper, Jez Allerton, Steve AstronautSteve Tasane, The Fire Poet with Sirishkumar Manji , The Speech Painter, Lord Byro, Gundula Gruen, Diego Brown and The Good Fairy, Megan Linford, The Fugitive Orchestra, Cat Eliza T, Duncan Green, Ricky Tart, Chris Ricketts , Mark Cassidy, Hana Maria

THE ORCHARD - nature connections (we're calling for your contributions - read more)

Jason Hine, Julie Horsley, Chris Waters, Lauren Galey, Lucy Lepchani, Ben Gray, Geoff Robb, music for trees, plant mediations, fire arts, foraging,  ritual, sea blessings

BODY & SOUL HEALING - be good to yourself. Line up to follow.

CAMPFIRE CIRCLE CHAT - open chat forum

We look forward to gathering together.

In love, light, unity and harmony

From Pete and the Campfire Team x



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