Lock Down food blog

This projects purpose is  to create  a resource /skill sharing space within the Campfire community .Im going to contribute my food knowledge  but the space can be used for permaculture  Health /Wellbeing and infact anything that will help us wheather the storm ahead .Im thinking solar power and any kind of renewable s Please get involved our skill base is endless 

Campfire x

The Social Re-Set

Something has finally brought consumerism to a holt. The shelves in our grocery stores are empty. Many of us who have never worked from home now have to. Some of us who scramble to find time for our kids now have all day in the house with them. Environmentalists have been calling out for cultural change for socio-environmental justice and now somehow we're all forced into it.


The Prettiest Eyes Shackwell Arms 12/03/20

The Prettiest Eyes

.As far as I know they come from LA .They are a 3 piece Drum s /Bass /Keys and they sound like themselves and cut well above the tired retro Psych bands in the Kansas fringe Rodger Daltery Capes .I headed out to levitation to see Pigs x7 a band Ive seen lots and will continue to do so .I also caught up with my German mates we had nothing better to do with Liverpool Psych fest canceled that year (See Campfire review ) This will as I write most probably be the last gig for a while .So Please enjoy the footage I shot and stay safe

Campfire x

Vegan grilled mushrooms on sour dough and advacado


Flat mushrooms/sour dough/cherry tomatoes /pine nuts /garlic /fresh rosemary /thyme /avocado /Cold press rape seed oil/ balsamic Black pepper salt


Take stems out of mushrooms and peel if you want to .I never bother at home /chop garlic /slice bread

get grill hot place mushrooms on a tray /season /top with garlic and herbs and grill with the cherry tomato s when almost cooked through add balsamic and toast pine nuts /Fan avocado drizzle oil on bread  toast

Cumin Coriander Red Lentil Soup


Red lentils( dry) White onion /Celery /Carrot/Garlic /Fresh bay leaf /Fresh Thyme/Fresh chilli / Flat leaf parsley and chives /Tomato puree/Stock cube / Fresh lemon juice/Toasted fresh ground cumin /black pepper and coriander /Virgin press Rape seed oil and Virgin olive to finish


Heat spices till they give off fragrance and whizz in a coffee grinder

 Rough chop vegetables and sweat off in a heavy base pan in some oil with the lid on like in the picture

Add spice and fry it out and the tomato puree and stock cube

Oh so quiet

I've been feeling oddly light today, and it's so quiet.


Not just outside, but in here, and in my head.


Life is not simple, and we still have much to be concerned about. Yet I have just realised that there is a peace that comes with acceptance, of cancelling plans and taking more care, and letting some fustration slide too.


And just for a moment, this afternoon, standing in the kitchen I am transported, first to past winter holidays, and warm silence, and then to something long past, and long buried, and I am six again and


Heart love

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

And as so many of you are so big hearted, and think so much of others, here's a little treat for *your* heart.

Grab a cushion and find a quiet place to sit next to a wall.

Sit right up next to the wall, and on the cushion.

Swing your legs around and lie back so that your legs run up on the wall. Let them relax there.

Rub your hands together to warm them and then place them over your heart.

Breathe a little slower than usual, and imagine the warmth from your hands pouring into your heart.

Capital isms

so you say that to consume less

we should be less worldly 


somehow closer to god

much closer to each other

but why are some people so selfish, you ask

unable to see how 

what they need to feel alive

depends on the exploitation of others

taking for one

what could belong to many 


is this such a mystery

or is there a belief 



you once said that capitalism is digging stuff out of the ground

moving it around

and putting it back again 

Eno Challenge "Campfire Life style product range "

I am just about to try and collate an idea that came into my head.

I have spent a lot of time thinking. I startedmoving thought into written word on the fledgling Campfire site possibly over 4 years ago when the site was in beta stage. It was something completely new to me but in no way did it feel alien or unnatural doing it. This I think is my 100th post. 

So enough introduction. This is what I envisage:


Why are there so many good articles about how to deal with burnout, but not so many that take a good hard look at how it can creep up on us?

Is it really right that burnout and related mental health issues are seen as the inevitable price that we pay for genius, and for doing great, inspired work?

Why is it accepted that creative people ‘think different’ but not understood that we might need to evolve how we relate to our works and ourselves?