Culture and Socio-Systemic Strategies

My Panel on Culture and Socio-Systemic Strategies.


Taking Critical and Radical Action to Global Leadership 21. An initiative between UN Office Geneva and World Academy of Art & Science. How we can help solve our global crisis. Panelists:

Peter Joseph - author of The New Human Rights Movement: Re-Inventing the Economy to End Oppression

Margaret Ledwith - author of Critical and Radical Community Development and Emeritus Professor of University of Cumbria

Gitta Peyn - co-founder of FormWelt future of human and artificial intelligence

Vegan Chickpea lemongrass aubergine coconut milk curry


Chickpeas (Cooked )/Can of thick coconut milk /Onion /Fresh Garlic /Ginger//Potato/Courgettes/Aubergine /Green pepper/Lemon grass/Red pepper/Fresh Turmeric/Fresh Curry Leaves/Tamarind paste /Coconut oil/Jaggery/

Spice mix Black Pepper/Dry red chilli/Star anis/Green Cardamom/Coriander/Cumin /Black mustard seed/Dry Turmeric/Nutmeg/Cinnamon/

Fresh herbs  Basil/Coriander/Mint/


Heavy Base Pan Coffee Grinder Spoon Sharp Knife


Last Festival ‘Til When?

I’d originally intended to post this on my blog at the same time as I uploaded the mix from Adelaide (outlined below), but having made a start, I found it difficult to fully apply myself, continually catching myself procrastinating, so I put the mix up on its own a few weeks ago, and gave myself until the end of the month to finish this.

Harissa Bubble fried eggs tomato and vegan sausages


Left over cooked potato/onions /Shredded spring greens /Fresh corriander/ Harissa (See Tagine Blog ) Chestnut mushrooms / Vine tomato/ No Bull Vegan Sausages/Free range eggs /Salt /Fresh ground Black pepper /Cold press rape seed oil

Method heat a frying pan and fry off all the ingredients till they caramalize up with the harissa paste for the bubble

Fry the sausage and tomato and then the eggs /Then add the fresh corriander to the bubble and plate .

Campfire x

Vegan Tagine

Tagine s named after the clay cooking vessels with the chimney lids .This one I cooked out in a heavy le cruset on the stove top .Its full of flavour and warming spice and anti bacterial and anti oxidant ingredients .It will clear bronchial congestion and the thyme is anti bacterial too Like culinary antibiotic .


Sharp knives /Stick blender /Coffee grinder or passel and mortar /Wooden spoon   /Heavy base pot big enough to hold the ingredients


About - Critical & Radical Community Dev.

Critical and Radical Community development is based in the work of Paolo Friere. Friere's life's purpose was to identify a process of critical discovery through which oppressed people could free their minds and become aware that they hold they keys to transformative social change. We are working with the key social justice specialists such as Dr. Ledwith who has spent her life doing case studies of implementing Friere's work.

Lock Down food blog

This projects purpose is  to create  a resource /skill sharing space within the Campfire community .Im going to contribute my food knowledge  but the space can be used for permaculture  Health /Wellbeing and infact anything that will help us wheather the storm ahead .Im thinking solar power and any kind of renewable s Please get involved our skill base is endless 

Campfire x