Deep Wellbeing & Soulmaking: A toolkit for broken times

Developing a toolkit for troubled, broken times is the aim for my Deep Wellbeing and Soulmaking learning and development programme running from October.

I've crafted thisn over years working as a psychotherapist, writer and activist, and the course takes as its starting point the idea of ecology of mind – the way our 'self' meets the world soulfully, ecologically and with connection ans asks how we can develop and sustain deep wellbeing in troubled times. 

Lyme Regis Campfire

I feel blessed to live in a town where it is possible to just show up and light up a fire , where passers-by can be attracted by the sparks and come be part of an inclusive gathering. 

The thought of creating a social event where people could do exactly that was part of what attracted me to Campfire Convention initially. 

Tips On Writing Grant Applications

Campfire Convention is not only a new way to build social networks, it is also an ideas incubator.

This article may be useful for people seeking grants for projects.

My guide is based on 20 years experience as a volunteer writing grant applications, in collaboration with others, and successfully raising over £700,000 for a range of community projects.

Most funders only support projects that are run by organisations that have a constitution and a bank account that has 2 signatories. It is difficult to find funding for individuals or non-constituted organisations.

Affirmations and how to change your life (podcast)

The pace of change has certainly speeded up, both personally and in the world around us and while this opens up many possibilities for new beginnings, it's also stressful as there are so many unknowns. At the same time, many of us are focused on being more of who we really are and making changes in our lives in order to be happier, healthier, abundant and more which involves different thinking and it's quite a challenge to change the habits of a lifetime.

What does a Leader look like?

I am very pleased to be a new member of Campfire Convention. I really like the thoughts and motivation behind it. It gives me fresh hope for a co-operative and collaborative world.

As there are a lot of projects being initiated and networked on Campfire, I thought my first post may be most useful if I reposted a blog I wrote in 2014 about leadership and what qualities a good leader has.

Handsworth Park Arts Trail has been shortlisted for an Aviva Community Fund Award. Please register and vote for this great project in Birmingham!

Handsworth Creative is trying to change the image and reputation of an area blighted by a legacy of gangs and gun-crime. It is a small Community Interest Company made up of local artists who care about their community, using art and community activities to bring different communities together.

The workshops will be held in the Park itself (using the community café) as it is a space that is very well used and ‘loved’ by all communities and is seen and perceived as both a safe space and one that is neutral and genuinely shared by all communities.

A love letter to Athens

Over the centuries, Athens had become harder to love. After the heights of its Hellenistic phase, full of chiselled harmony and Golden Ratios, this concrete jungle of wannabe graffiti scribbles now suffered from tattered self esteem. What did it have to show for itself? Where could hope and better times be found?