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Vicki Burke
1 September 2019, 23:14
Please help me shake the Magic Money Tree I'd like you to help me fund the making of the video (inspired by Amber Rudd trying to convince us all that there is no such thing as a magic money tree) and you can support my crowdfunder by clicking on the link section of this post.
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Pasco J
7 March 2018, 17:44
Dignity Platform is a digital fundraising innovation, that will sustainably fund societies most essential solutions, through enabling social interactions, within local communities. It is an online marketplace to request or offer local skills, to fundraise for charities you love.
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barry cawston
1 December 2017, 11:20
This series is a general portfolio of images taken over the last ten years that represent the width of my photography. I have been lucky that much of my time has been spent on personal projects or commissions which are of a similar feel. I like to move between contrasting subject matter... from Social Documentary to Landscape, from Architecture to Abstract and once professed that I shoot anything but fashion.It is always inspiring to turn one's eye onto a new subject.
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Joyce Bullivant
25 October 2017, 13:45
For decades any areas of Sheffield have not moved economically. People have low incomes and very little to smile about. One thing that is in common with these areas is heritage, often old woodlands and interesting old buildings. Many of the old buildings are in poor state of repair, in the Council's possession and underused. Why not use these buildings? Create hubs that can help create cooperative businesses and also use to boost tourism?
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Sally Hughes
24 August 2017, 18:00
A community of communities committed to sustainability and activating the urban commons for a better future, by people, for people. Shining a spotlight on sharing, solidarity and the new economy in Cardiff.
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Jeremy Allerton
12 August 2017, 15:01
Looking for musicians and collaborators for new recording/live project. Also ,reviewers for existing music and tech heads who understand online marketing as i'm walking around in a dark room on this Planetzim is The Zen Rube Boy aka Jez Allerton. I've played extensively on the London Indie circuit for many years (as a mark of rebellion) and has watched in awe as 'the third wave' took place. Check 14 track album The Importance Of The Moment (Amazon, Spotify etc
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Andie Brazewell
31 May 2017, 18:18
The next step you take...could help change someone's life forever. Working across all services, this collaboration between many providers, funding bodies, professionals and advisors is aimed at giving isolated ex-service people (those who have already put their lives at risk for the sake of others) the opportunities, creative pathway and motivation to have a positive and sustainable impact on the community around them, becoming a very different role model and leader.
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Andrew Ellis
13 May 2017, 08:51
Come and join 300 entrepreneurs, startups and business owners hear from some of the UK's contemporary business leaders at "From Startup to Scale-up, How to Build Your Business & Brand." Tickets are available here:
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Pete Lawrence
20 April 2017, 15:51
Trailblazer politics isn’t a political party - it’s about re-imagining society as it should be. It’s about hope, positivity and pragmatic solutions to enable engagement.
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