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Christopher Etchells
28 November 2020, 19:04
This project aims to collect ideas and actions on all aspects of sustainable education, from mainstream education through to the best ways of educating children and teenagers in unconventional communities.
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Pete Lawrence
16 November 2020, 05:47
Exploring how we co-create ecovillages, ecovillage networks and housing co-operatives; all the other things that we need to shift to an ancient future presence on earth that can happen in a magical abundant supportive fruitful place, such as Greece, as a blueprint for doing this all over the world.
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Nic Jones
18 July 2020, 06:25
I am currently a one-person business selling new / second hand vinyl / CDs / cassettes online. I am currently operating from home and I'm looking for business partners to help develop / expand the business with a greater depth of stock and the development of online sales. Ideally I would like the business to develop and evolve along co-operative / stakeholder lines, with the aim of breaking down the employer / employee divide which I believe can be as big a disincentive as incentive.
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Victoria Wheeler
8 July 2020, 12:22
Enter the realm of Gen Z activism and open your mind to the voices of the future.
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Julene Siddique
26 May 2020, 10:24
Powerful readings, campfire community sharing, feminine practices, and self-development. Unlock the full spectrum of your Womanhood. Featuring: Anaiya Sophia (Author of Womb Wisdom and Fierce Feminine Rising) Alisa Vitti (Author of The Woman Code & CEO of FloLiving) Miranda Gray (Author of Red Moon & Director of WorldWide Womb Blessing) Dr. Christine Northrup (Author of Woman's Bodies, Woman's Wisdom) Saida Desalits (Expert in Jade Egg, Author of Emergence of Sensual Women)
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Julene Siddique
14 April 2020, 10:07
Building an eco-system of communities who are empowered through dialogue, praxis and critical reflection. Who through that understand how to act at a causal level on world issues (rather than the symptoms of world issues). Developing communities who understand how to break down existing power structures which dehumanise and how to cultivate and build new systems which humanise and benefit both socially and environmentally.
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Julie Horsley
8 April 2020, 17:22
We want to share knowledge to support a rapidly evolving opportunity to be new earth activators. The Lighthouse for Learning and Knowledge is a new project for Campfire Convention designed to meet the needs of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible to create - together - in commUNITY. Harnessing the skills and talents of the members, we're offering accessible, co-created on-line webinars, podcasts, initiative journeys and courses.
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Katherine Lucy Sang
7 April 2020, 07:29
We must give ourselves permission to speak playfully and strangely aching ecstatic words that only really arrive when we make love or share a reciprocal gaze. Metaphor at the level of pattern is pure form and process. 
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Jeremy Pearce
25 March 2020, 10:14
How to get through a time when an Englishman s home has become their prison and the imminent economic collapse .Things just aint going to be as before and not for a dam site longer than a month
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