World Harmony

Campfire Convention is bringing people together across a curated selection of online spaces to celebrate and amplify the four energetic, earthly and planetary alignments to amplify balance, freedom, unity and world harmony.
by Julie Horsley
Created on 9 Jul 2020

There are four times each year where double Torus and Vortex energies can form at sacred sites. This project is to support our World Harmony events; a new kind of online gathering and pilgrimage. In the light of the pandemic, inviting harmony, love, unity and balance into our own bodies was the first step towards harmony in the collective, embracing an infusion of love as we each do our bit to create a healing grid of unity consciousness. An opportunity to think more creatively and leap fearlessly into exploring alternative ways of co-creating, connecting and collaborating. Bringing together nourishing contributions and events for our mind, body and soul with eclectic music performances, deep conversations, insight and intuition, sacred rituals, nature connections and complementary therapies to support our health and wellbeing. To dream an event to promote World Harmony into being. 



Thu, 07/09/2020