So, you think of cricket as a summer game? Not so. England's cricket team play seven matches over the next two months, in Bangladesh and India
by Cathryn Butler
Created on 21 Oct 2016

Just four weeks after The Most Exciting End to County Cricket Season Ever, England's top players embark upon a gruelling two months of Test cricket on the Indian sub-continent, playing seven five-day Test Matches under the relentless sun of Bangladesh and India, on dry, dusty and turning pitches.  While Bangladesh are not quite a top flight international team (ranked nine of ten), top ranked India are always stiff opposition - and never more so than at home.  These are going to be a very tough few weeks for the England team (ranked four) - and somewhat demanding for supporters as home, with the time difference requiring pre-dawn waking.

There are also one-day series against both countries, and a Twenty20 series against India - before heading to the West Indies in March for more one-day matches.



Thu, 10/20/2016 to Tue, 12/20/2016
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22 Oct 2016 at 11:38 by Cathryn Butler
Busy busy winter of cricket for England abroad, including two Test series - Bangladesh and India - before the end of 2016. Also three one-day match series in Bangladesh (won by England through chasing down a record score at Chittagong to end Bangladesh's remarkable run of six straight one-day home series.), India and the West Indies, and a Twenty20 series in India
17 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
Slowish feeling Day 2 in Chennai, but England on top, albeit probably on course for a draw at best, as Swindon's first Test Cricketer plays a key role
8 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
The Fourth Test against India, at the rather architecturally impressive Wankhede Stadium, close to the beach in Mumbai, was a must win match for England
17 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
Having gone 2-0 down in the series, England needed a win in the Fourth Test in Mumbai to stand a chance of an honourable (and not entirely deserved) drawn series. Had their week of R&R (in Dubai and Goa) served them well?
11 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
Well, England haven't lost .... yet. But it's surely only a matter of time. India made 631, to lead England by 231. And at 7.30 am, your Campfire Cricket Correspondent wouldn't have been surprised to be reporting an England loss (of match and series) before close of play. The day (and match) belong to India, and particularly to their captain, Virat Kohli
10 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
An early pendulum swing to England on second ball of the day, and mid-afternoon hope as Indian wickets fell, but the day belonged to India, who now have a 50+ run lead. Your Campfire Cricket Correspondent is finding it more and more difficult to get excited at prospect of the 3.45 am alarm.
9 Dec. 2016 by Cathryn Butler
Could a first innings score of 400 be just what England needs to stop their losing streak? Statistics say so - and your Campfire Cricket Correspondent certainly hopes so