Where would you go ?

Using comp graphics to create series of before and after images of war torn areas that people in uk / Europe / us can relate to.
by Michelle Spriddell
Southwell, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom,
Created on 5 Nov 2016

i have the beginning of an idea for a series of images that may help to raise awareness and connect people a bit more to the refugee crisis - placing them in a position of viewing their own surroundings as though they were in the same state as the homes/lives of a refugee. 

As harrowing as the images may be in the media - it is easy to wake up look out of your own window and forget all about them. Children connect and motivate and the very real images should be enough  but I feel we can do more to reach the empathy within us - we can transport people to a space in their mind where they do wonder   - what would they do? Where would they go ? Would they stay and rebuild? What would they miss the most ? 

Its an idea and most definitely would need someone good with comp graphics .... Happy to share and explore with anyone who may wish to give it a go X 



Sat, 11/05/2016 to Sat, 12/31/2016
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