Using Heritage Inclusively and for regeneration

For decades any areas of Sheffield have not moved economically. People have low incomes and very little to smile about. One thing that is in common with these areas is heritage, often old woodlands and interesting old buildings. Many of the old buildings are in poor state of repair, in the Council's possession and underused. Why not use these buildings? Create hubs that can help create cooperative businesses and also use to boost tourism?
by Joyce Bullivant
Created on 25 Oct 2017

I've been mapping, and promoting Sheffield's heritage for some years. I've realised the power it can have. It boosts people's self worth and brings diverse groups together. It can also bring in revenue and create businesses. We have big old buildings in the heart of communities that have no work nearby and very little community events happening either. The Council cannot afford to maintain or pay for the running costs of these grade 2 listed buildings. I am trying with help from my friends to persuade SCC to let the Community run them and make revenue so that the buildings are self sustaining. The Council at present wants rent so makes whole thing impossible. They don't see that they would save £ms by letting Community run them as semi-commercial as well as helping some of the most deprived areas become economically active. Have helped encourage a  Heritage consortium across city, but still having problem of  creating dialogue with the SCC.  



Wed, 10/25/2017
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