Systemic Social Change

Building an eco-system of communities who are empowered through dialogue, praxis and critical reflection. Who through that understand how to act at a causal level on world issues (rather than the symptoms of world issues). Developing communities who understand how to break down existing power structures which dehumanise and how to cultivate and build new systems which humanise and benefit both socially and environmentally.
by Julene Siddique
Created on 14 Apr 2020

This is based on implementation Paolo Friere's 'Pedagodgy of the Oppressed'.

We will be looking to train 'Critical Educators' and 'Animatours' as well a work with Protagonists for the development of critical and radical communities.


The Radical Agenda includes:

1. Voicing Values (Socio-environmental)

2. Making Critical Connections

3. Critiquing and dissenting

4. Imagining Alternatives

5. Creating Counternarratives

6. Connecting and Acting

7. Cooperating for a Common Good


More to come!




Mon, 05/04/2020


14 Apr 2020 at 10:07 by Julene Siddique
Critical & Radical Community Development project will be A) Mapping the existing critical and radical communities B) Training critical educators C) Working with protagonists and catalysts D) Growing the eco-system of critical-radical communities
22 Nov. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Social theories and humanitarian movements, despite their good intentions, have had limited effectiveness. Where traditional activism falls short through structural illiteracy and continually stumbles in engaging mere symptoms of world issues, the Social Architects act as the compassionate analysts addressing the systemic causes of world issues.
22 Nov. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Systemic Engagement of the Arts and Culture: A New Framework for Integral Transformative Strategies. Correlating and scaling out artistic initiatives for systemic social change.
19 Nov. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Activism tends to focus on the Macro sociological level (Policy and International Organisations) and the Meso sociological level (organisations) and not many frameworks unlock the Micro level (individuals and small groups). This paper outlines how to unlock the Micro level (individuals and small groups). This paper outlines how to unlock the untapped resource of humankind globally at the micro level of everyday people for systemic social change.
1 Jul. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Taking a Critical Socio-Systemic Action Agenda to UN Office Geneva
14 Apr. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Putting together resources and tool kits for training critical educators and building critical radical communities. Below are some links to key texts that we will be using
14 Apr. 2020 by Julene Siddique
Media and media tools for Critical & Radical Community Development