Shared ownership living space

A Project to pull together resources for shared equity property co-operative. I'm looking for others to join me
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 20 Feb 2017

My prospective property purchase fell through last month because of complications with the paperwork and time pressure from the vendor. Having broadened my search parameters online for properties in various locations, usually away from the more expensive south east, I’ve reached the conclusion that there’s very little out there that appeals at the moment with the amount I have to spend as a cash buyer.

So I have decided to explore the idea of a shared equity co-operative, buying with one or two more people, giving us collective access to much more interesting and flexible properties, ideally something which already has income or potential income or a smallholding or farm with outbuildings, spaces where we can foster creativity, provide thinkshop/workshops space, learning opportunities and small events. Dorset, Somerset, Welsh borders are first places on the list to search out any opportunities.




Mon, 02/20/2017