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Building a collection of articles and links for global peace initiatives and in particular the work of Scilla Elworthy
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 4 Dec 2018

Building a collection of articles and links for global peace initiatives and in particular the work of Scilla Elworthy



Tue, 12/04/2018
2 Dec 2018 at 04:50 by Pete Lawrence
Scilla Elworthy and Nicholas Janni's inspired weekend course was revelatory it the way it is opening up new possibilities for many who attended, galvanising a vision for different future. The most highly charged and emotional moment of the weekend was the closing ceremony where all men faced the wall at one end of the room and women likewise. Nicholas then asked us to all individually turn around face the other gender when we were ready. What followed was both transformative and hugely uplifting
16 Jan. 2019 by Scilla Elworthy
Bella Merlin, Professor of Acting and Directing in the department of Theatre, Film and Digital Production at the University of California, Riverside, is taking her students through a course based on The Business Plan for Peace. The course is Acting: Theory, Practice and Medium for Social Change and the students will engage in actor training skills during the first part of the course, and then create short plays based on inspirations from "The Business Plan for Peace" in the second half. 
4 Oct. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
We were extremely pleased to welcome celebrated peace activist Dr Scilla Elworthy as our guest at the 4th Campfire forum sofa session. Many remember her treating Campfirers to a resonant keynote speech last summer. Her new book 'The Business Plan For Peace' is just published and this proved to be perfect timing for a Campfire catch up. Described by @Nadia Chambers (Nadia)@ as "an amazing and uplifting forum" it gave us all hope and focus.
28 Sep. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
Many people feel powerless in the face of what they see on TV or read in the news – a world in crisis, with wars and violence taking place across the globe. Campfire keynote speaker and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy has written a book for all those who want to step out of helplessness and apply their own personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us.
30 Dec. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
"I would suggest boycotting rich lists and celebrity rubbish, and replacing it with noble lists: people who have done really good things, responsible CEOs, people who are transformers. Get them profiled; insist on making known the achievements of people who have done what you are doing here; celebrate those who prevent armed conflict; make them heroes." says Scilla Elworthy, Campfire's keynote speaker in 2016.