Round the World Title Challenge

My good friend and round the world yachtsman, Alex Alley has embarked on a challenge to break the RTW record single handedly on Pixel Flyer...
by Andie Brazewell
Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire, United Kingdom,
Created on 3 Oct 2016

Alex Alley, yacht racer and global challenger, has embarked on the ambitious challenge of beating the solo Round the World record in his yacht 'Pixel Flyer'.

The challenge is big enough in itself, but Alex has also set up an interesting crowdfunder to help sponsor his campaign for the greatest prize in yachting. By selling pixel space on his yacht and sails, you can have a picture or logo on the boat to go round the world with him. I am doing it, and I though I would share wth the community the opportunity to be a part of history! You can find out more about Alex and his adventures here. If you are interested in helping to sponsor his campaign to beat the record, you can find out how here.

Alex, Phil and Sean, recently broke the length of Britain record on Pixel Flyer and here is a video of that challenge.




Mon, 10/03/2016
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