Programme Beacon : Talks Panels Thinkshops 2017

A resource for collecting ideas for Campfire programming
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Mar 2017

A resource for collecting ideas for the 2017 Campout programme. Please contact owner of this Project to submit an idea.

Suggesting an idea is a simple process and the requirements for an idea to be considered for inclusion are;

Session Name:

Session Idea:

Session Participants:

Session Length:

Person responsible for the session happening:

Technical requirements 

Do you have the resources or materials needed to produce the session?

Are there any extra tickets required for participants?


Taking on a session for the event is a big responsibility and many other people will expect it to happen once it is publicised. Being certain that you have the skills, resources, technology, materials and participants is essential, being able to demonstrate that the the organising team helps too!.




Wed, 03/29/2017


26 Apr. 2017 by Lou Mycroft

The Thinking Environment is a set of practical processes which are so simple, rigorous and counter-cultural that when we try to explain them, people look at us blankly.  Yet once you experience a Thinking Environment, you'll remember it forever. To enable as many people as possible to get a taste of how different life could be, we propose that we offer a number of Thinking Environment interfaces at CC002.UK.

2 Apr. 2017 by Pete Lawrence

Campfire Convention's summer event is all about a coming together of members, a gathering of ideas, a forum for discussion, a platform for new ideas and initiatives and a series of resolutions on how we can move forward to make the world a better place.