A primer to entering the postcapitalist era.. how we can make a difference
Created on 21 May 2016

A primer to entering the postcapitalist era.. current thinking and theory, economics and how we can make a positive difference by adopting co-operative models 



Sat, 05/21/2016
As we head into a new era where capitalism is fast becoming outmoded and past its sell-by date, many of us are looking for new codes and solutions..
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Some articles of interest relating to the Postcapitalist transition
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Those who are advancing the move towards postcapitalist thinking and acting
12 Jul. 2016 by
Our guest, the journalist and reader Paul Mason, has a thought. He looks at the present Western economy — defined by global trade, bygone unions, knowledge work, and high finance, of Davos, TED Talks, and creative disruption — and finds a glitch, a transitional crisis long in arriving.
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Well worth listening to...