Pioneers : A Platform for new social ideas and innovation

A new Brian Eno-inspired initiative to nurture the best new social ideas and pitch them within Campfire's Projects hub
Created on 4 Apr 2017

Following a meeting at Campfire Patron Brian Eno's studio recently, we plan to offer an award for the best new ideas across the broad spectrum of social innovation, to be promoted during this season's Campfire Conversations and in the run up to CC002.UK. The initiative will utilise our newly-revamped Projects section to focus and collate the ideas. 




Tue, 04/04/2017
"The future is being born, but nobody’s paying much attention to it. Disaster sells newspapers, but hope generally doesn’t. The end of an old order is the beginning of a new one. How it turns out depends on us, and what we dare to hope for."   The exclusive words of Brian Eno, taken from the brief he has written for a new collaborative idea for Campfire's Projects. You can read the full text here.