Paros and Antiparos - Greek island paradise

Sunshine for much of the year, glistening sea and a real Greekness, Paros is truly blessed

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 20 Jan 2016

Paros and Aniparos are blessed with some of the finest sandy beaches in Greece and amongst the best in the Cyclades with the clearest water. The average mean air temperature rises to around 30 celsius in summertime and a pleasant 14-22 celsius in autumn with water temperature 20-25 at this time.  This Project takes a look at our favourite islands.



Wed, 01/20/2016
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Voutakos Beach


Just down the road from Milos House, on the south west coast of Paros is one of the finest beaches you will find anywhere. Voutakos Beach isn’t signposted as the locals are keen for it not to become overrun with tourists, but look out for a long wall join the left a couple of miles west of Alyki on the road which comes out in Pounta. Drive down to the sea and you will usually see small number of cars parked up. Walk along in the opposite direction - towards Antiparos and the first beach is more of a family beach.. at the end, turn around the corner and you will see Paros’ best naturist beach, which if you are lucky should not have more than dozen or so people on it. Here you will find clear water which is great for snorkelling and grainy sand, not so fine that it clings to you. 

The best time to visit the beach is later in the afternoon when the heat has gone out of the sun a little but you still get the glisten on the water. The view over Antiparos and a couple of the smaller islands in between is a revelation and one that I will never get tired of. 




Andrew Cleal

Great pictures Pete...nice contrast to a wet afternoon in Essex....x


Andrew Cleal

Lovely pictures Pete. Nice contrast to today...wet afternoon in Essex,