Paros and Antiparos - Greek island paradise

Sunshine for much of the year, glistening sea and a real Greekness, Paros is truly blessed
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 20 Jan 2016

Paros and Aniparos are blessed with some of the finest sandy beaches in Greece and amongst the best in the Cyclades with the clearest water. The average mean air temperature rises to around 30 celsius in summertime and a pleasant 14-22 celsius in autumn with water temperature 20-25 at this time.  This Project takes a look at our favourite islands.



Wed, 01/20/2016


23 Feb 2016 at 02:54 by Pete Lawrence
Milos summer house on the south west of the sunshine island of Paros is a great place for a holiday or retreat
28 Sep. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
Alyki, the fishing port near to my house is developing fast. Fifty years ago, it had very few houses, two or three picturesque small tavernas, a grape factory and some fisherman's cabins. This year they are building a marina in order to take yachts and with it will come concerns for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism if it is to avoid the patterns that have made neighbouring Mykonos and Santorini hectic and overcrowded. It's a pivotal time for Paros and its smaller neighbour Antiparos.
19 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

One of the summer's more spectacular sunsets

13 Jan. 2017 by Pete Lawrence

If you're feeling cold and wintry and fancy a blast of sunshine, this is a slideshow video I put together an almost a decade ago - images from Paros and Naxos in the Greek islands.

I was prompted to post it by remembering the wonderful original of this song - Ooh Child by Valerie Carter, released in 1976 I think.

This wonderful Low Motion Disco re-tread was released in 2008 and still sounds pukka - even better now!

21 May. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
A short lo-res video made some years ago
22 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Watch the skies ... keep looking!
2 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
The Cycladian island of Paros has some of the finest beaches in Greece, if not the world