No Fixed Abode

A spring and summer out and about, travelling mainly in the UK and much of it based around Campfire Conversations. Taking it to the streets!

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 28 Mar 2017

My log of my spring and summer 2017 - without a fixed living space at present, I'll be out and about, often in the motorhome and travelling mainly in the UK and much of it based around Campfire Conversations. Taking it to the streets! 



Tue, 03/28/2017
29 Mar. 2017 by Pete Lawrence


It has to be said - I've had a ball in Lewes. A town I didn't know, had probably driven through twice and had made a mental note to attend on their legendary bonfire night celebrations. Nothing more, though I had always been very curious.

15 Jun. 2017 by Pete Lawrence



I decided not to stay in Hay the day before our second Campfire Conversation in the borders market town. A couple years ago, when travelling with my friend Christina, we had stumbled upon a glorious, unpretentious and quiet site, several miles west and just into Wales, a pitch that afforded spectacular views to the north along the ridge of Hay Bluff and the Black Mountains - an area rich in personal history for myself.

17 Sep. 2017 by Pete Lawrence

I have to admit that I'm sad today to be putting my van into storage for a few weeks. It marks the end of a summer of adventure after my property purchase fell through in spring. It left me with the option of making the most of being location independent - something that suited me well in retrospect and took me as far south as Lands End and as far north as Edinburgh in one glorious panoply of new destinations and experiences. The joy was certainly in the journey.

6 Jul. 2017 by Pete Lawrence


Setting myself free was no deliberate move. Circumstances and a sudden turn of events at the coldest time of year forced this upon me and as I begin to get some perspective four months on, this enforced shift in lifestyle might just prove to be the biggest gift of this year. 

28 Mar. 2017 by Pete Lawrence

What a difference an hour of daylight makes on what properly felt like the first day of spring.  I'm hearing the usual calls for British Summer Time to be year-long, but doubt that there will be any difference.