No Fixed Abode

A spring and summer out and about, travelling mainly in the UK and much of it based around Campfire Conversations. Taking it to the streets!

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 28 Mar 2017

My log of my spring and summer 2017 - without a fixed living space at present, I'll be out and about, often in the motorhome and travelling mainly in the UK and much of it based around Campfire Conversations. Taking it to the streets! 



Tue, 03/28/2017

Magical adventures by camper van


I have to admit that I'm sad today to be putting my van into storage for a few weeks. It marks the end of a summer of adventure after my property purchase fell through in spring. It left me with the option of making the most of being location independent - something that suited me well in retrospect and took me as far south as Lands End and as far north as Edinburgh in one glorious panoply of new destinations and experiences. The joy was certainly in the journey. I will miss life on the road.

A friend christened my camper van the 'magical adventure house' which suited it well, as I've had a whole host of experiences and chance meetings, surprise delights and locations that friends have recommended, often at the last minute. As for those narrow hedge-lined country lanes in the south west of England.. they got me into many sticky situations, some of which I had to reverse out of as my only option! 

It's been a case of living from day-to-day often not knowing what lies ahead, come rain (plenty of that this summer!), come shine (and yes, the sun did shine)

I'd like to thank those who took a leap of faith and hosted Campfire Conversations in a variety of locations around the UK - let's do it again next year!

I would also like to thank those who offered me a bed for an occasional break and those who did my washing and allowed me the luxury of clean clothes... I ♥ you all




Kimm Fearnley

So many places you have been. X


Maital Shemesh-Rasmussen

What a wonderful journey.


Kimm Fearnley

Hello @Maital Shemesh-Rasmussen ! Loving seeing your name pop up on here! X


Mia Manners

Your home looks really cosy... I have very romantic glasses on with traveling around the countryside in a convertible horse box imagining and meeting unusual and eccentric humanity with a real openness finding treasures, woodlands, sea shores, coves, commons, and wild country!


Bruce Bickerton

Think I preferred 'The Beast' - 'The Magical Adventure House' is a trifle whimsical, what?


Pete Lawrence

Yes, we're being capricious and somewhat playful ! :)