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by Colin Consterdine
Aberteifi, Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom,
Created on 16 Oct 2016

A project where people who have extensive knowledge of and a passion for music can pass that on to others with the aim of spreading the joy and sharing our love of music. Each post should have an accompanying Spotifiy or Youtube playlist to give the listener instnt access to why that artists is worthy of inclusion.



Sun, 10/16/2016
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Brian Eno Top 5


Brian Eno is many things to many people but one of the cores of his creative output is beautiful music. These five selections offer a good introduction to his calm, reflective sonic space. I've selected exclusively from his instrumental woks, his singing voice is an acquired taste that any new listener can introduce themselves to at their leisure and it doesn't need to concern us here. The most recent selection is Emerald & Stone from the Small Craft on a Milk Sea album where he was ably assisted by the nom du jour of contemporary calm music Jon Hopkins. Next up is the floating gentility of Another Green World, title track of his 1975 album and , for many years, the theme to the BBC's Arts programme Arena. 

At number three we have a piece from the soundtrack to the documentary about mankind's ventures into space For All Mankind. The album of the soundtrack music, Apollo, is a wonderful construction that Eno created with long time collaborator Daniel Lanois, thoroughly recommended for anyone seeking spaced out calmness and twinkling Country and Western space waltzes.

Number two is side one of the album credited with being the first Ambient Music album, Music For Airports. The delicious piano motif, played by Robert Wyatt, was treated by Eno with the end result intended to serve as music wallpaper in an airport environment. It seems so obvious now but it took a true visionary to establish the principle that has spawned a million albums.

At number one is one of those sublime pieces of music that makes life a pleasure and crops up in a million different places, that most people don't know the name of or artist who created it. It sounds like the lobby music in heaven or a human brain reaching out to the cosmos. Sublime, comforting and uplifting, because of it Brian Eno sits in the company of Bach, Albinoni, Satie, Samuel Barber and Arvo Part as an composer of trancendental wonder.




Pete Lawrence


Pete Lawrence

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Colin Consterdine

I'd hoped that people might challenge or expand upon my choices. I can see some artists having multiple Top 5's from different members with different tastes. My next one is going to be Dylan and that will certainly need challenging :)


Marva Jackson Lord

Thank you for sharing this. Another Green World was a regular piece heard on my radio show. I'm not very critical of Brian Eno's work. His albums were in my Top 10 when I was a dj at ckln fm in Toronto, many years ago. Listeners would never know when they might have to listen to yet another track from one of his Ambient albums, simply because I enjoyed them. I would also sometimes mix them into segues during club dance sets.