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This is my Yoga journey blog and resource with tips and hints relating to the mind, body and spirit. Collaborators, contributors are welcome to add their own journey and tips too.

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by Kimm Fearnley
Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom,
Created on 1 Jan 2017

This project is for those interested in learning more about yoga, meditation and other aspects of spirituality. It is a place to share tips and experiences, views and information with others.

Tanya Ring is a yoga and pilates teacher and Kimm Fearnley founded the Happiness Centre - a yoga and meditation centre in Yorkshire where she taught meditation and gave away the profits to good causes. Kimm, who handed over the reins of the centre a few years ago now has a social media page called The Backroom Buddha. The two friends are passionate about yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyles and intend to offer a range of articles and videos to encourage the practice of gentle exercise and meditation. 

In the first article Kimm reveals how yoga helps her to face daily challenges and Tanya talks about how emotional release can be found in yoga postures.



Sun, 01/01/2017
Key Interests

Home is where the beach is


After a stormy week, in more ways than just the weather, my little dog and I headed back South to the beach from.the wilds of Yorkshire. I felt the peace wash over me as soon as my bare feet touched the sand. 

My friend @jaynesnell and I walked for five hours to Studland Bay and back with a lovely break for a coffee with @Pete Lawrence (Firestarter)@ who was holed up in his Magical Adventure Bus at this beautiful National Trust beach. 




Pete Lawrence

Nice to see you again @Kimm Fearnley and I love being in this part of the country. Great to meet @Jayne too. It looks like you had a good walk with the Smudger..


Ralph Pettingill

I don't know that part of the country-it looks lovely ...but soon heading to South Devon..!