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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 21 May 2016

Some of the best places to visit...



Sat, 05/21/2016
Key Interests
Looking south from El CotilloAn afternoon of two halvesThe harbour at El CotilloFish out of waterAnother wave comes crashing inObserve the weather change as a front comes inThe beaches and lagoons north of El CotilloDramatic beaches a few km south of El Cotillo
16 Feb. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
I first made it to the Canaries in 2001 and ended up in Fuerteventura. After a little nosing around we gravitated towards a quiet fishing village which seemed quite different to the rest of the island, retaining a rustic charm and not dominated by tourism. Fifteen years on, very little has changed in El Cotillo and it remains a real gem of a place if you like spectacular nature, scenery, a small village with a few restaurants and bars and plenty of sunshine.
22 May. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Braunston, the village I moved to in 2008 on the Northamptonshire and Warwickshire borders is full of surprises and delights, at all times of year..
21 May. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

Travelling around the world with an eye for the unexpected has been one of my greatest humble pleasures.. here I capture a few of those memorable occasions.

23 Aug. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

West Bay, Dorset, August 2016. 25 degrees. Summer has arrived late.

31 Oct. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
22 Aug. 2017 by Pete Lawrence

This walk, starting at my camp up spot near The Victory Inn just outside Porthtowan was one of the best I have ever done, helped by a rare fine day taken in the context of the great English summer of 2017 that never was. I'd asked a dog walker whether it was "a good walk?" and felt slightly humbled by the beauty that unravelled as I took the paths she'd suggested, lending me a cheery, perhaps understated "yes, it's pretty good" before explaining the various options.