Infrastructure as a Shared Resource

We depend on shared physical resources - 'infrastructure' - but who decides what we need? And who profits from it? Let's discuss!
by Ruth Wallsgrove
Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,
Created on 15 Jan 2017

Unless we are 100% 'off grid', we all depend on physical infrastructure such as water, road, power and telecommunications networks, not to mention schools and hospitals. In Britain, many of these have been privatised - but even where they remain in public ownership, increasingly it is private companies that build or run them. Is this what we really want for our essential shared resources? 

This project aims to encourage ideas and discussion about who should make the decisions. And if you aren't already sure who is doing what, a place for sharing information as well.



Sun, 01/15/2017 to Tue, 01/15/2019