Hearth: urban folk-pop music collective

A collective of city based composers, musicians, poets, artists (London, Brighton, Oxford, Birmingham) making independent and connected urban folk-pop
by Caroline Halcrow
London, Greater London, United Kingdom,
Created on 25 Feb 2017

Hearth, supported by Debbie Golt at Outerglobe.co.uk, are:

Koral Society - Caroline Trettine, Mosi Conde, Alison Rayner 

Koral Society are a trio of composer-musicians from cultures: English pop-folk, West African Classical and jazz.

The Squares - Caroline Trettine, Nick Jacobs, Fyfe Dangerfield, Felix Macintosh

Caroline Trettine and Nick Jacobs met in cult Bristol band The Blue Aeroplanes. Their project explores contrasts.

Mirabeau - Caroline Trettine, Richard Price, Ian Kearey, Fyfe Dangerfield

Hunter ballads -  Nancy Campbell, Caroline Trettine




Sat, 02/25/2017 to Sun, 02/25/2018