The Future of Social Media

Examining the predominance of the social media corporations and the tech giants. What alternative models are worth looking at?
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 12 Jan 2019

Examining the predominance of the social media corporations and the tech giants. What alternative models are worth looking at? 



Sat, 01/12/2019
13 Dec 2018 at 12:10 by Pete Lawrence
A collection of articles and links about the ubiquitous social network corporations and their rapid rise to dominate the market, social networking solutions, impact on health and emotions. I will add to this resource page as I find relevant material.
23 Jan. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
Katie Brockhurst's new book 'Social Media for a New Age' is rooted in sanity and pragmatism - tools and tips to advance your effectiveness online. She is wise to the damage caused by commercial profit-driven corporations whilst still believing in the social media utopia as a force for good and for fulfilling dreams. This book is a journey into love.
12 Jan. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
Maybe the monopolistic, surveillance capitalism of the tech titans is weaker than we think. "We've effectively being fooled and reeled in by the 'free' model all along" says New Internationalist columnist Vanessa Baird
20 Mar. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
In the wake of the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica debacle, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the wider context beyond the fact that Zuckerberg lost $5.5 billion of his personal fortune yesterday alone. Namely that Facebook is an advertising platform with a business model that will always be about monetising our data. Campfire offers a new blueprint for a new kind of social enterprise where there aren't algorithms or advertising and members can benefit by building something of value collectively.
19 Sep. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
Facebook now reportedly has 60m+ lines of coding setting the algorithms that seek to control not only our daily newsfeed but our emotions too. In a new book 'The Existential Threat of Big Tech' Franklin Foer suggests that although Facebook would never admit it, "algorithms are meant to erode free will, to relieve humans of the burden of choosing, to nudge them in the right direction. Algorithms fuel a sense of omnipotence, the condescending belief that our behaviour can be altered"
5 Apr. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
Martin Moore's new paper (uploaded here) focuses on the dominance of the tech superpowers in news dissemination. He recognises that news is more interactive and more in our hands than ever before. "The brave new world of platform news is one of DIY news. It is a world in which we – the user – produce, publish and promote the news ourselves."