The future of medicine

Our current medical model is broken- it is unsustainable and being part of it is really tough. Patients struggle to be heard and healthcare workers struggle to meet escalating expectations in a poorly resourced system. Society has lost touch with its soul and we are all living more and more isolated lives. There is hope with growing numbers of medics trying to fight back against the medicalisation of life’s ups and downs. Taking responsibility for ourselves and others is key. And compassion

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by Becca Hall
Created on 31 Oct 2019

This is database of all the things going on in Mendip that might be of use to people attending their GPs. It’s not comprehensive but it’s a good start. So , when I’m sitting in my surgery with my miserable and lonely patient rather than prescribe pills I can explore what might interest them locally. They may not yet feel up to engaging with the world so they can see a health coach 1 to 1 who will sit down with them, listen and make a plan.  They can set some modest goals and make a realistic plan with the coach who will see them again the following week to check progress. 

This is what we are doing in Frome. It’s incredibly cost effective and patient empowering.  It’s called social prescribing and is a very rewarding and sustainable way to practice medicine. 



Thu, 10/31/2019

New models of care and support


Come and join the fun. Always wanted to run a therapeutic juggling group? Can you combine this with visiting a carehome? We are looking for new creative ways to share our care and skills.

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Who could resist the combo of a dear child and a poly tunnel....?!

Really lovely idea to combine one's fun skills with sharing them in the community. I know Frome's leading the way in this initiative - still haven't managed to go and look. at the Mendip Health Connectors site...promise I will!


Julene Siddique

Heya! Yes - I'm working on a new model of care and support. It's a support and enhancement model. - Not just treating the symptoms but also the causes of illness. And not just saying the job done once they are no longer ill but also giving them tools to enhance their health, vitality and reach their fullest potential. Are you going to create meet ups where we can share?