The Future of Fundraising

Dignity Platform is a digital fundraising innovation, that will sustainably fund societies most essential solutions, through enabling social interactions, within local communities. It is an online marketplace to request or offer local skills, to fundraise for charities you love.
by Pasco J
Created on 7 Mar 2018

Creating and sustaining solutions needs to be easier and more fun. People are disenchanted with a lot of the current methods of fundraising. Sometimes when we talk about Dignity, people say: “But I don’t have anything to give.” We want to challenge this limiting self-belief. Finding meaningful contribution to society is sought after, and so the platform is an open door in enabling anyone’s skills or time to translate for the greater good.This, of course, includes people in our communities that may have been given labels and boundaries of ability from a young age. We intend to challenge this stigma and give more opportunity for participation from the entire spectrum of diversity and ability. We intend to empower communities to improve their own neighbourhoods and support one another. To create belonging once again.



Wed, 03/07/2018