Post the movies you love - new or old. It can be just a few sentences - what it is, why you love it....
by Ruth Wallsgrove
Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,
Created on 19 Aug 2017


Sat, 08/19/2017 to Sat, 08/31/2019
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19 Aug 2017 at 04:42 by Ruth Wallsgrove
Bill Forsyth, 1983
8 Oct. 2017 by Ruth Wallsgrove
Immerse yourself in another world, beautiful and mysterious
3 Oct. 2017 by Kevin Short
A new film by Darren Aronofsky is always one to look out for, he never fails to surprise.....
27 Aug. 2017 by Ruth Wallsgrove
Hawaii, Drew Barrymore, weird happy ending... what's not to love?
20 Aug. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
Scorcese's 1976 Thanksgiving Day farewell gig for The Band with a host of illustrious guests, interspersed with interview footage of the members talking about their memories and experiences on the road. The whole package is unrivalled in the rockumentary stakes.
20 Aug. 2017 by Ruth Wallsgrove
I love movies, but it's weird how unrepresentative they are of any of our lives - even when they are trying to be true
19 Aug. 2017 by Ruth Wallsgrove
To get you posting - a starting format for a film review?