Donut City Sounds

I am currently a one-person business selling new / second hand vinyl / CDs / cassettes online. I am currently operating from home and I'm looking for business partners to help develop / expand the business with a greater depth of stock and the development of online sales. Ideally I would like the business to develop and evolve along co-operative / stakeholder lines, with the aim of breaking down the employer / employee divide which I believe can be as big a disincentive as incentive.
by Nic Jones
Created on 18 Jul 2020

This project currently involves online sales of physical formats of recordings, the worldwide market for which, while it isn't as strong as it was in its heyday, still thrives. I currently carry stock of approximately 2500 items and sell more or less exclusively through Discogs, though I have ebay and a relatively new site called in mind for expansion. Given the coronavirus-informed reality that we all have to deal with exclusively online sales are in many ways ideal. That said, this new reality should not rule out the chances of the business diversifying, and while I'm of the opinion that setting up, say, a record label might well prove to be no more than a costly vanity project, there are I believe opportunities for artist liaison, and the provision of rehearsal space and recording facilities, which would potentially bring life back to buildings / premises that have fallen into disuse.    



Sat, 07/18/2020 to Fri, 07/31/2020