Delivery Team CC002.UK

This team will attempt to see the bigger picture of CC002.UK in order to understand and assist with the finer detail.

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by Colin Consterdine
Aberteifi, Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom,
Created on 28 Mar 2017

The small, manageable group that will review and oversee the production of CC002.UK.

The aim is to have a smaller, dynamically responsive team that can streamline discussion, make decisions quickly and effectively, and facilitate a smooth running production protocol to benefit future events.



Tue, 03/28/2017
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Note for Delivery Team CC002.UK


This team will attempt to see the bigger picture of CC002.UK in order to understand and assist with the finer detail.

It was agreed, at the meeting in Leamington Spa on Saturday 25th March 2017, that the production of this year's event would benefit from a smaller, responsive team that can streamline discussion, and make decisions quickly and effectively. It was agreed that the members of this Steering Group would take responsibility for keeping up to date with the information and resources in this project.  We will communicate through this project, and possibly an associated Forum thread, to make production a team process.

This process will involve liaising with all the Coordinating Teams:

  • Budget and planning team
  • Infrastructure and on-site production (inc; Power. Lights, PA etc)
  • Crew and volunteers
  • Timetable Programming and Artist and Panelist Booking
  • Artist liaison and hospitality
  • Bar, food and market stalls

In order to manage the production effectively, a project plan will be distributed to each Coordinating Team, by the Steering group, with assignable responsibilities/ tasks. Each Coordinating Team should report back to the Steering Group, at intervals to be decided, with progress reports in relation to the plan.

I'll provide an example to illustrate the relationship between the Steering Group and the other Coordinating Teams.

Crew and Volunteer Coordination

The Steering Group would ask the Crew and Volunteers coordinators to outline clearly the following:

  • how many volunteer shifts are required to be covered,
  • how many people will therefore be needed as volunteers.
  • how many wristbands required
  • How many food tokens required

The Steering Group would consult Budget and Planning Team with these requirements. At this point, there might be some small adjustments, but ultimately a plan will be agreed by all three teams.

Crew and Volunteer Coordination would agree to provide the list of confirmed volunteers and a timetable for shifts, in return for wristbands and meal tokens from the Budget and Planning Team.

The Steering Group would then check on the progress of this plan and the associated tasks, confirming task completion or flagging up needs as required.

Employing this method across the assortment of tasks over the whole production should allow us to have an effective plan, with a known set of tasks and measurable progress. Then real life will get in the way, chaos will ensue and we'll cope and have a great time :)

We have enough run-in to be able to anticipate the majority of things and be well organised enough to cope with the unexpected - the fun bit!

I must stress that none of this needs to be fixed or applied dogmatically, it's just a starting point to organise ourselves around.

Please contribute and comment, that's what will actually make it work :)





Rebecca Denniff

Have we got a 'critical timeline' for the event? I know it sounds like it's a long way off but it's not in event management terms.....