Delivery Team CC002.UK

This team will attempt to see the bigger picture of CC002.UK in order to understand and assist with the finer detail.

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by Colin Consterdine
Aberteifi, Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom,
Created on 28 Mar 2017

The small, manageable group that will review and oversee the production of CC002.UK.

The aim is to have a smaller, dynamically responsive team that can streamline discussion, make decisions quickly and effectively, and facilitate a smooth running production protocol to benefit future events.



Tue, 03/28/2017
Key Interests

How to suggest an Idea for Campfire Convention 002.UK


The sessions at this year’s event are open to contributors. Suggesting an idea is a simple process and the requirements for an idea to be considered for inclusion are;

Session Name:

Session Idea:

Session Participants:

Session Length:

Person responsible for the session happening:

Technical requirements (Sound, light, projections etc):

Do you have the resources or materials needed to produce the session?

Are there any extra tickets required for participants?

Is any budget required?


It is important to understand that taking on a session for the event is a big responsibility and many other people will expect it to happen once it is publicised. Being certain that you have the skills, resources, technology, materials and participants is essential, being able to demonstrate that the the organising team is a great reassurance.


Photo: Paul Williamson