Delivery Team CC002.UK

This team will attempt to see the bigger picture of CC002.UK in order to understand and assist with the finer detail.

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by Colin Consterdine
Aberteifi, Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom,
Created on 28 Mar 2017

The small, manageable group that will review and oversee the production of CC002.UK.

The aim is to have a smaller, dynamically responsive team that can streamline discussion, make decisions quickly and effectively, and facilitate a smooth running production protocol to benefit future events.



Tue, 03/28/2017
Key Interests

Core Principles of CC002.UK


We are here because we want to engage and collaborate with others. We choose to share an open, creative space, where everyone is respected and their opinions valued, even when we disagree!

We, the Campfire Convention community, agree that;

The Campfire is the source of our comfort and inspiration.

campfireconventionuk.02 is an Intellectual Commons Environment. We conjure up a creative space for all to share and play in, for the joy of creation itself.

We conduct ourselves with consideration for others, where we agree, we celebrate that and where we don't, we respect opposing views with good grace.

The music and play will be as acoustic and organic as we can make it.

We aim to provide good food and drink at fair prices.

We contribute because we care about our communities and the people that bring them to life.