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Created on 15 Dec 2018

"To realie the latent potential of our digital communications networks, we would build decentralized, peer-to-peer systems designed to be perpetually evolving, supporting social coordination, making easy and hyper-efficient to share skills and resources. Politically, we would establish something like a functional anarchy, based on nonviolent Satyagraha principles, to supersede the current system of military and corporate control. New social technologies would train people to make effective decisions together, based on consensus methods as well as ongoing referendums." 

As a journalist, I have written for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, etcetera. I am currently the editorial director of the Evolver Project (www.evolver.net). 



Sat, 12/15/2018
7 Apr 2020 at 10:49 by Daniel Pinchbeck
Who, reading this, agrees that this is a reasonable and even necessary demand: That all non-essential parts of the industrial economy remain shut down, even once the pandemic curve flattens, so that human society reorients around, prepares for, and faces the ecological emergency together?
2 Apr. 2020 by Daniel Pinchbeck
It is time to seriously investigate how we could make a peaceful transition to a cooperative society. Currently we are experiencing an astonishingly rapid global economic collapse due to Coronavirus. At this point, all bets are off about the future of our political and economic system. Despite the hardships this is causing, it is a great thing. The pandemic will be a blessing if it redirects our path from where we were heading, which was assured ecological collapse and probably extinction.
7 Jan. 2020 by Daniel Pinchbeck
What’s the point anymore in over-working, sacrificing, waiting patiently for some reward that is supposed to come many years or decades from today? When we accept the radical impermanence and fragility of this world, the only thing that makes sense is to become more authentic, to open our hearts wider, extending toward love, forgiveness, and freedom. Embracing extinction, in other words, can bring about a realization — a kind of awakening — that renews our relationship to the world.
20 Jan. 2019 by Daniel Pinchbeck
"Neo-spiritual" culture is better than the mainstream culture, but I sense that too much of this stuff actually becomes something that really isn't "spiritual" at all. A kind of narcissism? A sophisticated form of entertainment? The current movement to force governments to orchestrate a mass climate mobilization provides a great opportunity to discover if one's spirituality is truly authentic or just a kind of phoney badge of membership in an elite club. Are you truly at peace?
2 Jan. 2019 by Daniel Pinchbeck
I personally feel this is our last chance as a species - the hour is much later than most people realize. If we act now, we can potentially create a unifying global movement that will lead to a far more equitable, just, and participatory society as we redesign our civilization for a future that, I suspect, could be amazing beyond any of our dreams or current imaginings.
30 Dec. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck
In this post, I am going to attack the idea - more or less sacrosanct across my entire network - that there is anything beneficial or valuable about most travel, particularly tourism (whether intentional, “spiritual,” or not), but also most forms of business travel.these forms of travel have become, for the most part, self-serving indulgences that the Earth can no longer support. 
15 Dec. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck
He represents a kind of rot that has infected the public consciousness of this society to an extreme degree and which will keep growing until it has killed everything in its path, unless we find the antidote.