Co-working and the Creative Industries

It looks like a corporate HQ but MaRS is one of the largest co-working spaces in Toronto, if not worldwide. MaRS enables SMEs to take on bigger contracts through partnerships and networking. I would like to interview London-based CEOs and producers working in the Creative Industries who are either based in co-working offices or thinking about doing so.
by Lizzie Jackson
Created on 11 Aug 2017

The three year funded research project aims to find new organisational models for public service media, such as co-working spaces:   Public service media use top-down corporate structures with departments for different forms of media, this may inhibit more fluid working practices. I want to interview CEOs and producers of creative firms who are working in partnership 'clusters' or co-working spaces to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages. Are the more 'corporate' co-working spaces, such as MaRS, feeding back the benefits to tenants? How do more 'grass-root' co-working spaces differ? Findings will be shared with Campfire members.



Fri, 08/11/2017 to Sun, 09/17/2017


11 Aug 2017 at 04:39 by Lizzie Jackson
From Wednesday 16th August until mid-September - in London - I'm looking for interviewees (in audio) for the research project which is looking at the organisational structures of creative media and high technology firms. CEOs and producers.