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A collection of articles and resources to do with people's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 27 Dec 2018

A collection of articles and resources to do with citizen's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.



Thu, 12/27/2018
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Stella Creasy's pitch for Citizen's Assemblies gets fifteen minutes on This Week


A stellar performance from Stella Creasy on last night's This Week with her pitch about Citizens Assemblies and a follow-on discussion. Check the defensive reaction her pitch gets from the three grumpy old men, presenter Andrew Neil, the subject of much criticism over alleged lack of impartiality and his vested interests with The Spectator magazine and ex Tory Michael 'choo choo' Portllo and Blairite Alan 'sadmanontheleft' Johnson . There must be something in this....

Interesting that on this episode, Andrew Neil announced that the current series will be the last for the programme. 

Watch this and observe how outmoded his stewardship looks.

Full marks to Creasy for her efforts here, despite the best efforts of everyone in the studio to put down her initiative. 

For many, Citizens Assemblies are being touted as a much more democratic way of making decisions and involving ordinary people in decision making at a time when Westminster and government seems unfit for purpose and unable to move forward.





Vicki Burke

I found this very comfortable viewing. She was up against three cynical men all fighting their own corner as the whole process does put their roles into question. She should have done her homework on the French CAs and so left herself wide open there. However, she is putting it out there, seeding the idea in the public arena and these things cannot be rushed if they are going to take root properly. I hope she continues with her campaign and doesn't get put off by three old-style politicians and political presenters who are reluctant to open their minds a little.


Pete Lawrence

Presumably you mean uncomfortable? To be fair, she was talked over on the French example and did make her point (or tried to!) that it was a very different thing...


Pete Lawrence

...and you are right. These things can't be rushed especially with the old guard who might be a bit 'slow on the uptake' as we used to say at school...