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A collection of articles and resources to do with people's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 27 Dec 2018

A collection of articles and resources to do with citizen's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.



Thu, 12/27/2018
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Frome Beacon : January meeting with speaker Will Gethin and People's Assembly discussion


The Frome Beacon are hosting a People’s Meeting on the last Sunday of every month. We talk about how we can make a difference individually and collectively.

Will Gethin will be sharing insights for following your bliss and for applying The Hero’s Journey as a map for living and transformation.

We will also discuss whether Frome should form its own Citizen's Assembly, a concept being touted by many as possibly the only option to solve the Brexit impasse. 

The talk by Will Gethin will be followed by group conversations arising from the talk. There will then be opportunites for other topics you may like to bring along to discuss. This will include a discussion on a Citizen's Assembly for Frome led by Vicki Burke.

You don't have to be a Campfire Convention member to attend but we would love to invite you to join our community. Campfire is campaigning for social change, bringing people together and looking at ways we can make a difference individually and collectively.

@Vicki Burke has proposed that we discuss whether a People's Assembly would work for Frome and we explore options and appetite for such a move.

Two and half years on from the referendum and where are we?

I believe we are deeper in the quagmire of uncertainty than ever. The monster that we have unleashed into our society has only really poked its head around the door and I think the deep divisions we have created are set in for the duration. 

But the truth of it is that the divisions have been there for decades and have been completely ignored, and the monster has been waiting in the wings for longer than we care to imagine.

It is time, it is time we began to face the facts that our whole system is broken and it has failed the people. The knee-jerk reaction is anger and we are already seeing this, but what is the alternative?

People’s Assemblies are sprouting up all around and for now they seem to offer hope and a way through the stale-mate that we are facing. I am not just talking about Brexit here, in fact I am not even sure I am talking about Brexit anymore. I am talking about the bigger story; the rift between so many of the relationships this country has sought to bridge.

When it comes to a People’s Assembly, I don’t believe the subject matter is that important. What is important is that it offer a platform for people to come together and talk, face to face, listen and clarify subjects that might create conflict and division. If they are facilitated correctly then, as we saw in the Irish assembly for abortion, people can work through issues believed to be unsolvable; or rather believed by the politicians to be so, or maybe just preferred by the politicians to remain so?

It begins with the desire to find a solution and a faith that one can always be found. I would like to put forward the proposal that Frome is the perfect place to host a People’s Assembly. We don’t know unless we try.

Book tickets here via Eventbrite:


The meeting will kick off with a twenty minute talk from guest speaker Will Gethin 'Follow Your Bliss on The Hero’s Journey' 

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where before there were only walls.”  Joseph Campbell

Mythologist Joseph Campbell - best known for his ‘Hero’s Journey’ template for storytelling as applied to films like Star Wars, The Matrix and The Wizard of Oz - was also famous for his mantra for a meaningful life: ‘Follow your Bliss’. What is your deepest passion, the thing that makes you feel most alive? Often it’s the thing you can’t not do despite any resistance you may feel, hence Campbell later said what he really meant was ‘Follow Your Blisters’!

In this enlightening and entertaining talk, Will Gethin shares insights for following your bliss and for applying The Hero’s Journey as a map for living and transformation.

Will is the founder of comms and events company Conscious Frontiers which promotes organisations and individuals engaged in creating positive change in the world. He has also worked extensively as a travel writer and holistic explorer/journalist writing for leading magazines and newspapers. Having powerfully experienced the stages of the Hero’s Journey in his own life, Will leads Hero’s Journey workshops and retreats sharing his experience of this transformative process to support others to move forward in their lives. More info:;

You will need to register at Eventbrite to come to this Campfire meeting. Tickets are not charged at booking point but we will ask for a donation on the night to cover costs.


Sunday January 27th  People’s Assembly + Will Gethin speaker 

Sunday February 24th  Open Space meeting - theme TBC

Sunday March 31st  Guest speaker Mary Valiakas on comparisons Greece and Frome, civic roles and self organising TBC

Sunday April 28th Open Space meeting - theme TBC

Sunday May 26th  Guest speaker TBC

Sunday June 30th Open Space meeting - theme TBC

Sunday July 28th  Guest speaker TBC

Frome Campout Retreat : August 28th - September 1st TBC

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satkartar Kennedy

looks exciting Pete! Frome is place where things are happening.......


Pete Lawrence

You're welcome to stay if you're in the area, @satkartar Kennedy