Citizen's Assemblies

A collection of articles and resources to do with people's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 27 Dec 2018

A collection of articles and resources to do with citizen's assemblies, sortition and ideas around direct democracy.



Thu, 12/27/2018
9 Oct 2019 at 12:59 by Pete Lawrence
While our Prime Minister was denigrating and other-ing the entire Extinction Rebellion movement as "uncooperative crusties" and "nose-ringed hemp-smelling bivouacs"  us crusties were coming together in the Jubilee Room of the Houses of Parliament, not as irritants, but actually convening the first ever Peoples' Assembly to be held in Parliament, which put proposals in the form of questions to major government departments.
31 Oct. 2019 by Campfire Voice
At Campout 2019 in Frome, UK, Brett Hennig convened Campfire's first peoples' assembly and presented the idea of how citizens assemblies and the sortition selection process provide a model for an ideal democracy.
15 Feb. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
A stellar performance from Creasy on last night's This Week with her pitch about Citizens Assemblies and a follow-on discussion. Just check the defensive reaction her pitch gets from the three grumpy old men. There must be something in this....
27 Jan. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
A short video introduction to XR concept for Citizens Assemblies from Keith Garrett at Sortition Foundation (part of a Zoom conference for XR)
9 Jan. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
We are convening on Sunday January 27th at The Archangel for our next People's Meeting with guest speaker Will Gethin and also tabling a discussion on whether Frome should form its own Citizen's Assembly, a concept being touted by many as possibly the only option to solve the Brexit impasse.
3 Jan. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
It's clear that conventional political systems in the UK are no longer fit for purpose. Now is the time to start looking at supplanting our creaking outmoded structures and mechanisms with new ways we can collectively reach consensus over the key issues of our times.
27 Dec. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
A popular assembly (or people's assembly) is a gathering called to address issues of importance to participants. ... Some assemblies are of people from a location, some from a given workplace, industry or educational establishment others are called to address a specific issue. The idea is gaining traction at the moment in the UK, given the Westminster chaos around Brexit.