CC003: Activism Shoecamp (working title)

This project is for those organising the 'learnshops' event in Milton Keynes, March 10-11 2018. A weekend on how to be a fully qualified active citizen in the 21st century. A weekend to learn and teach in mutual exchange, developing templates of expertise, and building collective wisdom.

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by Ruth Wallsgrove
Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,
Created on 9 Nov 2017


Thu, 11/09/2017 to Fri, 03/09/2018


Chicheley Hall venue : shall we do it?


We've unearthed what we consider to be a comfortable and attractive live-in venue but are also open to ideas on others

The idea is to stage a series of 'how to' weekends, provisionally entitled the Campfire Activism Shoecamps and given its name by by @Ruth Wallsgrove

The original potential weekend retreat of March 10 and 11, 2018 cannot happen as we need more time and @Ruth Wallsgrove and I both feel that the concept is too good to throw away too early.

The idea is to offer members a series of Learnshops on how to be a fully qualified active citizen working for personal, social and political change in the 21st century as part of a newly formed Milton Keynes Beacon (or larger, Campfire Central event). 

We'd like your feedback :

Does the concept work for you?

Is the venue suitable? The proposed price for a weekend event?

Or should we look at a different style of event - perhaps a week-long camp?

This is all about gathering over a weekend to learn and teach in mutual exchange. 

Campfire Convention is a community of elders, experts and enthusiasts of all ages. Developing templates of expertise. Building collective wisdom.

Our two-day Activism Shoecamp (working title) aims to bring people together to find solutions.

These sessions are teach-ins, with some structure, given by one or more teachers rather than open discussions, although there will be room for a Q&A at the end of most of the programmed sessions.

We will also have a Friday and Saturday evening convivial, kicking off with a Speed networking session post-dinner on Friday.

  • How to light a Beacon in your community

Setting up an event, organising a meeting, galvanising your local community, bringing people together, sharing conversation and disseminating ideas…

  • How to be confident and effective

Become your own best friend, discover true self esteem and create the world you want.

  • How to write

Surprisingly, confident people can be hesitant about writing in public. It’s a matter of technique and practise, anyone can learn.

  • How to shift our consciousness 

Social and political change starts with self-awareness.  In order to change the world, we need to be mindful of how we behave, the values we subscribe to and changing the narrative.

  • How to use the Campfire website

Make the most of Campfire’s wide range of features to showcase your work or leisure interests, blog your activities, collaborate with others, gather resources and build portfolios.

  • How to put to put together a radio show or podcast

Getting your message out there, articulating and producing audio content.

  • How to make a video and edit photos

Being able to back up words with video and good photos is essential to getting your message out. Here’s our practical guide…

  • How to use crypto-currencies 

Debunking the myths, unravelling the mystique, sizing up the realities of crypto-currencies and whether they’re about to turn our financial systems upside down

  • How to create a thinking environment

How we can create a safe place to speak, uninterrupted, not shouted down or talked over.

  • How to reshape the employment model in the age of artificial intelligence

Steering AI towards being a force for good, not just another Wild West of wealth creation for the privileged few. Shaping citizenship responsibility in a near-future where traditional employment roles and models are likely to be shattered by the ramp-up of AI.

  • How to collaborate

Sharing, collaborative, new economic concepts are re-shaping our world. How do we create an intellectual commons environment?

  • How to do Yoga

Yoga is as much as mindset as it is about exercise, movement and fitness. Learn how yoga might just change your worldview.

  • How to take political power at local level

Independents are rejecting Party Politics.  We hear how the ‘Flatpack Democracy’ independents took power in Frome and to provide some simple steps for others to do the same at a local level.

  • How to turn your brain on

Sometimes even the most creative artists get mental blocks. This panel looks at ways we can become inspired.

Chicheley Hall is a quirky early Georgian-era manor house with fireplaces, carved wood located in extensive grounds surrounded by spectacular countryside, easily reached from the M1 and a short taxi ride from Milton Keynes station. The hall has been a hotel for the past eight years or so and is owned by The Royal Academy, an independent scientific academy of the UK and Commonwealth, dedicated to promoting excellence in science.

Our budgets and suggested prices take account of the delegate rate deal offered for use of the meeting rooms alongside the Atrium next to the main building. We would have full use of dining rooms, main bar and gardens and a bed and breakfast room rate of £89.00 for a double or twin room, and £59.00 for a single room. The hotel has 14 executive bedrooms in our Main House, which would be a £25.00 supplement.  

There was very little price price difference between this option and a more down-market, slightly shabby hotel in Newport Pagnell which is Option 2.

We are looking for alternative budget accommodation and / or crash space in the Milton Keynes area for those who would be looking for alternative accommodation. There is also camper van space on site.

We would like Campfire members feedback here please...




Andie Brazewell

I'm in and all for this Pete, also responded to Ruth to collaborate, Andie x


Manda Graham

I love the venue, it looks really great and don't want to be at all negative but I feel like it's a bit soon for another event only 4 months after the last one, certainly for me. As this event will be delivered by members giving their time it would be a great thing to aim for as a slightly longer term thing which embodies the collaborative feel I think we are looking for in Campfire.

Inspired by the various creative elements in the Islington meet, I would love to see more creativity in the programmes + a focus on 1-2 speakers.


Pete Lawrence

Re timing, it was decided at last year's Circle meeting to aim for a larger summer outdoor event (August) and two indoor events (March and Oct / Nov).

Various reasons for aiming for March. By May/June we will be into Campfire Conversations so no time to organise a larger one and also possibilities for a summer event. January / February probably too cold so March / April is the only realistic window.