Campout : Frome Somerset August - five day event

A Project into which we will add details of this coming summer's Campout 2019 as it unfolds
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 16 Dec 2018

Adding programme information for Campout 2019 as it unfolds



Sun, 12/16/2018


5 Sep 2019 at 07:29 by Pete Lawrence
Our second gathering in the glorious Somerset countryside, originally scheduled for August 5th-9th 2020 has been postponed. All tickets will be valid for the re-staging. Join us on the 5 day journey including speakers, ‘how to’ sessions, transformative workshops, live music, DJs, art, singing, cookery, alternative therapies...foraging, nettle whipping, yoga and wellbeing.
18 Oct. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
Mac Macartney, Jacqueline Walker, Roger Hallam and Theo Simon are first out of the traps for edited versions of their inspired talks at Campout 2019. View them here...
6 Oct. 2019 by Campfire Voice
Pete Lawrence's rough cut version of his film Campout 2019, featuring XR co-founder Roger Hallam, Jo Berry's inspiring talk in reconciliation, Theo Simon arguing that kindness is the only solution, Peter Macfadyen on Frome politics, Brett Hennig convenes Campfire's first citizens assembly, plus Michelle Preston, Lynne Franks, Mac Macartney, Jamie Kelsey Fry, Alison Murdoch, Vicki Burke, Bob Hillary, Boudicca's Child, Beth Edwards, alucidnation, Facing The Ocean, Borrowed Light, Julia Palmer-Price, Sarah Jewell's Rebel Chorus, Joanna Harvey, Julie Oldfield, Liv Torc, Tara Greaves Circle Dance, Sophie Bolton and many more. Mostly shot on iPhone and edited in iMovie.
30 Sep. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
It's now a month since Campout and I'm still very much processing the richness and variety of experience that touched me in that field just outside Frome over five heady days. The gathering was so moving for me on so many levels that I've really struggled to write about it, preferring to live with the feelings that have been evident and other reactions that have been more subtle. Finally I am finding a few words here.
8 Sep. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
What you thought of Campout 2019. Please add your comment here... “An extraordinary five days of love joy insight respect inspiration and connection.  Life changing!”
8 Sep. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
Frome-based photographer Mark Brookes' images capture the spirit of the Campout. I added 'May The Kindness' by UK folk singer Jackie Oates in this video slideshow
18 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Julie Oldfield @ Campout WHEN: Thursday 29th August at 2130 WHERE: Campfire WHAT: Witness Julie's unique and provoking combination of heat on metal.