The Campfire Manual

The go-to place to find out what this community is all about and how the site works
by Pete Lawrence
Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom,
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
14 Nov 2016 at 04:18 by Pete Lawrence
A good place to start - with tutorials and other resources for understanding Campfire and making best use of its features, whether online or in real life
17 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

The forum is often the lifeblood of the online community - the place where you can tell stories, ask questions, discuss any number of issues, give tips and advice, listen to others' issues and passions. It serves as an alternative to posting on your own wall, is immediate and spontaneous and is likely to be seen by a wider section of the community not just your friends and followers. 

10 Jan. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
How to find all site members list, how to add photos into posts, follow threads, tag other members...Find your way around Campfire more easily with these top tips.
20 Apr. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
If you're new to the site, and are looking for easy, handy links to key features and concepts, there's no better place to start. We hope you enjoy your time around the Campfire and wish you the warmest of welcomes. May the sparks fly!
18 Dec. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Three simple, slightly rough and ready walk through video tutorials which may help new members get to grips with the site. Here we cover off everything from editing your Profile, the difference between status updates and posts, friending, following, making the most of the Guilds, contributing to our Forums, Projects, how to view The Bugle and use the Library, messaging and chat. 
9 Apr. 2017 by Pete Lawrence
How to get to grips with site and make the most of its features. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions as well a whole host of links to other tutorials and articles.
3 Aug. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

Here's our starter video, helping you work through how to make status updates, create more evolved posts, view your activity and make friends. There will be more tutorial videos as soon as we can get them done!