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This is where you can find all the Campfire podcasts, or Firecasts as we call them...
Created on 18 Jan 2018

This is where you can find all the Campfire podcasts, or Firecasts as we call them...



Thu, 01/18/2018
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Campfire's latest Firecast is available as a video and in its traditional podcast format. This month's interview is with Tree Conference founder and director Suzi Martineau.  Suzi reflects on this year's conference, shifts in thinking, social change, politics, tree hugging and more...
30 Apr. 2018 by
The story of a remix. The Sa Ta Na Ma track by the Campfire Circle Singers has marked my return to the recording studio for the first time in over a decade. Hear the main players talking about their parts in the the making of a truly collaborative track. Interviews with Bryony Croft, Tobias Hug, Bruce Bickerton, Graeme Holdaway, Kimm Fearnley, Paul Leonard .
18 Jul. 2018 by
In conversation with folk legends Blowzabella - celebrating 40 years of their inimitable, drone-based wall of sound. They remain largely unknown outside their own cult circles. The band's latest workshop weekend, at Halsway Manor in the Quantock Hills in west Somerset brought the Blowzabella family together to celebrate this unique DIY cottage industry that is moving into top gear. It's the sort of musical concept that the corporations wouldn't understand, let alone be able to bottle and sell.
28 Oct. 2017 by
It's time for Campfire to take its first tentative steps as a broadcaster. I hadn't put together a podcast before and I quickly realised that it's a steep learning curve! All feedback welcome and contributions equally so..
15 Mar. 2018 by
Mee Ysanne is launching Campfire's US initiative this spring with Beacons for New York City and Los Angeles, before 'handing on the torch' in those cities . Here she talks about her inspiration, the social and political climate in the States as well as a need for diversity, science and art, her love for Mads Ryle's 'Firegram' concept and the importance of human touch.
19 Jun. 2018 by
A Paros breakfast meeting with Mary Valiakas, founder of Campfire's Athens Beacon and Head of Innovation at the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy. Mary talks about a cultural shift from masculine to feminine archetypal values, a move from capitalism to collectivism and how Greece has used its grey zones from falling apart to maximise the impact of self-organising systems and to bring philosophy home to the cradle of western civilisation.
12 Feb. 2018 by
Welcome to our fourth Campfire Convention Firecast, downloadable here and featuring our own members Hi5s. We also talk to Mancunian Rick Turner from Ditto AI about a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence. Community engagement, inspiration and confidence, music, education and England's smallest commercial cinema, amongst other stuff. Listen up!