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Here you will find the collection of Campfire Curiosity articles.... Aimed to get you talking here online - Campfire Curiosity is an article which begins due to an encounter - maybe a snippet of news - a radio show - an unexpected chat .....this triggers ponderings, possibly research ... then it is thrown into the fire awaiting the lick of your flames ... Share your experience, your perspective, your knowledge, as you do so, create a friendship & see where the conversation leads....... x

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by Michelle Spriddell
Southwell, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom,
Created on 24 May 2017

The intro i think explains this project fairly concisely (which is rare for me). It is a space for you to connect with a simple pondering, join the conversation by sharing your experiences or understanding so far and be open to growing it further, maybe in entirely new directions - It is, i feel, what Campfire is all about  - The exploration of ideas, application of new directions and finding the people to create the change we dare to envisage. 

It is ok not to have the answers or even the opinions when you post. It is ok to learn publicly and together. It is more than ok to enrich the conversation by joining in... See you by the online fire. 

If you are a ponderer and want to join the project please do get in touch - all are welcome x 





Wed, 05/24/2017

Can you survive without your creative side?



this was a link discovered through a fellow campfire follower on FB ... so i’m bringing it across to here. A great idea to help everyone tap into their own creative abilities - yes, I believe we all have them - EVERYONE has them, otherwise you wouldn’t survive. 

So my Campfire Curiosity takes me to pondering and invites you to join in ....

1- Can you identify anything in life that has not required some creativity to come into existence or to be experienced or indeed endured? 


2- What happens that leads us to doubt and deny this natural instinct/ability. 

I can’t think of anything for number 1 maybe you can ... for 2 I speak for myself, I know I came to doubt because I wasn’t sure how to be completely playful, creativity is raw, vulnerable and likely to delight possibly only me - it is open to judgement because others have been taught to compare to a commercial end goal, to be creative only within a prescribed brief. 

It was fear of not getting it right of not being accomplished in my result. 

Finally I am breaking through the restraints and I have proof in my children of how creative expression allows confidence to grow, how it allows ideas and solutions to flow and allows people to see that nothing is a failure or wrong, it is feedback to steer you in the direction you feel compelled to go. 

The 64 million artists is a perfect first step - reconnect to playful creativity and a new journey of you begins x 


Would love to hear your take on how or why it’s important and whether it’s possible to live without expressing your creative side...         x 




.. ..

I think to some level everything is creative.

One of the best definitions about creativity that I refer to is: 'Creativity is a conversation between our conscious and unconscious minds' (ref Dr. Stephen Gilligan Ph.D)

With that framework you can see every intentional human action as involving creativity. Of course somethings are hardwired into our neurology and don't need this conversation to activate. Brushing your teeth in the morning doesn't require this, but bringing something into existence does (well in my opinion).

Does that mean that people live from a creative place? Of course not. As you said often what will stop people is fear of not getting right, being judged or being good enough.

Yet, for me creativity is in the essential nature of what it is to be human, and, all things involving choice and bringing something into existence. choosing cornflakes or porridge in the morning to manifesting a lifelong dream will be part of this creative process.

I love what you said about the connection between creativity and play as well as nothing being a 'failure' it's just feedback. Both of these things are absolutely true from my experience.

Enjoy reconnecting to your spirit of play and creativity!


Michelle Spriddell

Thanks Jonathan for joining in and the definition, i will definitely look further into that. Yes 'the essential nature of what it is to be human' - the more I look at this and play the more evidence i discover. Which also gives me hope because if so many of us are not truly tapping into this side of us - or not allowing the conversations within our own brains to take place - surely this means that the new concepts and ways of working, the world so desperately needs are completely possible and those possibilities may in fact be endless.


Garry Warner

By definition creativity cannot fail. To create is to make, to bring into existence, it is only when we have created that other forces can act but surely the greatest benefit is the act of creation itself. Not only the sense of well being this induces in the self but seeing the positive effect on others. To be altruistic? Well certainly but it is certainly good for one's own well being also. This is why I was drawn to the campfire. It has reignited ( no pun intended ) my inner spark from my youth when I was so creative in music and the arts which was lost somehow but funnily having a family for the first time, slightly later in life than most, has rekindled this and the pleasure in sharing this with others.


Michelle Spriddell

Yes i completely understand and agree with it being good for one's own wellbeing - it seems that if we can create we are in some way acknowledging and accepting ourselves. I spoke with a psychotherapist yesterday, also an artist and she stated that when truly immersed in something creative it is one of the few times you actually allow parts of your brain to rest - i guess almost in a state of meditation ... I need to hook up with her and talk to her more about this as it was fleeting conversation - although i have experienced that for myself when purely doodling- doodles seem to be quite telling aswell.

I can definitely relate to having a family that redkindles the creative. Would love to hear or see some of our creative side in the campfire group .. x