Campfire Curiosity Series

Here you will find the collection of Campfire Curiosity articles.... Aimed to get you talking here online - Campfire Curiosity is an article which begins due to an encounter - maybe a snippet of news - a radio show - an unexpected chat .....this triggers ponderings, possibly research ... then it is thrown into the fire awaiting the lick of your flames ... Share your experience, your perspective, your knowledge, as you do so, create a friendship & see where the conversation leads....... x
by Michelle Spriddell
Southwell, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom,
Created on 24 May 2017

The intro i think explains this project fairly concisely (which is rare for me). It is a space for you to connect with a simple pondering, join the conversation by sharing your experiences or understanding so far and be open to growing it further, maybe in entirely new directions - It is, i feel, what Campfire is all about  - The exploration of ideas, application of new directions and finding the people to create the change we dare to envisage. 

It is ok not to have the answers or even the opinions when you post. It is ok to learn publicly and together. It is more than ok to enrich the conversation by joining in... See you by the online fire. 

If you are a ponderer and want to join the project please do get in touch - all are welcome x 





Wed, 05/24/2017
21 Apr 2017 at 01:20 by Michelle Spriddell
Hope...Growth....Curiosity ..... Conversation ....Inspiration to Act and Live....
8 Jan. 2018 by Michelle Spriddell


I invite everyone to join in this conversation, bring your experiences and expertise - sharing your viewpoints really does help.  I would especially love to hear from those within the production and publication industries - film/media etc. My curiosity has led to the question 'Who should lead on positive change, on raising awareness - the media or the masses? and how can we be part of that?'

4 Jan. 2018 by Michelle Spriddell


21 Sep. 2017 by Michelle Spriddell
Part of the Campfire Curiosity series - Join in our virtual campfire conversation... Have you heard of Masdar City ? If not and you are interested in sustainable living, a carbon free future you do need to be keeping an eye on this development or maybe you have and are not so sure it will work, share your thoughts....
24 May. 2017 by Michelle Spriddell
Part of the Campfire Curiosity Series ....What do you think Can a Scientist be Creative ? Comment below the article and take part in the conversation that evolves ....
20 May. 2017 by Michelle Spriddell
I'm curious and want to learn more .. the campfire brings all of our opinions/experiences in one place - so I pose a thought, an encounter and invite you to comment your perspective .... Join the Conversation .....