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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 22 Feb 2017

With spring under way, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities and the campfire experience. We're heading out around the UK between late April and mid July in the build up to this year's Campfire Convention 00.UK event.

If you are up for hosting / organising a Campfire Conversation for this summer, have a read of the articles in this Project.

The gathering works best as a small, intimate afternoon or evening, preferably with an outdoor element (as we can then have a fire too), which can be a pub or arts centre, a back garden or a field. Ideal size I can range from 10-100 people and would involve discussion, debate, thinkshop, exhibition, ideas exchange and a knees-up element (live acoustic music or DJs) and a food / drink element, often communal cooking.



Wed, 02/22/2017
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Mar 2017

Campfire Conversation : Lewes, Sussex

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Lewes is no stranger to creating sparks. Its non-conformist nature sits well with Campfire Convention and we’re happy to be kicking off our first Campfire Conversation event of 2017 in this vibrant Sussex town with an invitation to broad and lively topical debate.

Discussions are open-agenda and can involve global issues or local concerns, across a side spectrum of interests from politics to the arts, ecology and well-being to how we can work together co-operatively. We are about to launch a Campfire ideas institute via our website (still under beta test until the summer), supported and sponsored by Brian Eno, which we will discuss at the Lewes meeting. 

The Lewes venue has a rich history, being described in ‘The Neat and Nippy Guide to Lewes’ as follows “The Sherrif’s room on the first floor was the setting for elaborate banquets held by the high constables. It was also the headquarters of the Headstrong Club where Thomas Paine expounded his revolutionary politics.” Clio Rickman wrote that “The White Hart evening club was the resort of a social and intelligent circle, who, out of fun, seeing that disputes often ran very warm and high, frequently had what they called ‘The Headstrong Book'." (The Headstrong Club continues in Lewes, at The Elephant and Castle) 

The Campfire Conversation is a moveable and adaptable feast for Campfire members to organise and programme. What is evolving is a framework with some guidelines that have been built by members experiences so far. We take to the road in May for three months of Campfire Conversations.

If you would like to put on a Campfire Conversation in your local area, either as a stand alone event or as part of a festival, a Campfire-curated club night or function contact with your idea.

Admission : £3


55 High St, Lewes BN7 1XE

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Jeremy Allerton

Damn Pete, really wish i was here....i'm going to be away in Colombia then! I could Skype in? Yours, :0(


Nadia Chambers

Hi Pete- I'll still be in France so I won't make it to this one. I'm on the look out for another to attend- if anything takes place in Hay, or London or Brighton.......


Pete Lawrence

Hay just confirmed for April 29th @Nadia Chambers


Katherine Lucy Sang

I'm in....


Eugenie Arrowsmith-Pepper

Looking forward to this, will be so nice to see everyone and exchange ideas.


Cathy Mason

I'll be there too.... looking forward to it.