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A Project inviting members to host their own Campfire Conversation events this summer, or to attend others' events.

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 22 Feb 2017

With spring under way, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities and the campfire experience. We're heading out around the UK between late April and mid July in the build up to this year's Campfire Convention 00.UK event.

If you are up for hosting / organising a Campfire Conversation for this summer, have a read of the articles in this Project.

The gathering works best as a small, intimate afternoon or evening, preferably with an outdoor element (as we can then have a fire too), which can be a pub or arts centre, a back garden or a field. Ideal size I can range from 10-100 people and would involve discussion, debate, thinkshop, exhibition, ideas exchange and a knees-up element (live acoustic music or DJs) and a food / drink element, often communal cooking.



Wed, 02/22/2017
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May 2017

Campfire Conversation : Bath

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Campfire Conversation : Sunday May 28th 3pm start.

Bath is one of our most elegant cities but well-known for its art, activism and bohemian atmosphere too. Like Hay on Wye, Lewes, Brighton, Malvern and Frome, where the first Campfire Conversations are held this year, we are looking forward to tapping into its non-conformist underbelly which sits well with our fledgling community as we continue our spring season of Conversation events in 2017. 

Discussions will take place in the afternoon with a social going on into the evening - the discussion part of the day will be open-agenda and can involve global issues or local concerns, across a side spectrum of interests from politics to the arts, ecology and well-being to how we can work together co-operatively. The upcoming election will clearly be part of the discussion and what we can do to find a collective democeatic voice in Britain.

Key Speakers for the Bath event will be :

Pete Lawrence - Campfire introduction

Others TBC

+ ‘Open Mic’ to introduce ideas and to encourage conversation. 

We are launching a Campfire Pioneers initiative via our website (still under beta test until the summer), supported and sponsored by Brian Eno, which we will discuss at our spring meetings. 

There is a strong sense that people want to talk and discuss today's rapid global changes more than ever and Campfire can evolve into a platform that fulfils that need whilst looking at ways to structure long-term thinking and collective action in the face of the impending swing to the right that has taken so many people by surprise. 

The Campfire Conversation is an adaptable concept which encourages new Campfire members to conceptualise their own event. We take it to the road from late April for three months of Campfire Conversations.

We are collectively working towards a framework for real and radical evolutionary change.  We can use this potential agenda as a starting point as well as our 'Think Global, Act Local' section, where people from the community are able to table and share their tales and describe how they're making the world a better place at a local level.

What’s concerning and exciting people locally?      ­

The different faces of Bath – extreme poverty to extreme wealth, homelessness & begging, antisocial behaviour in Kingsmead Square

Housing shortage, affordability, heritage listed city, student housing

Traffic – congestion, park & ride controversies, limited parking for residents, Christmas market being extended, pollution

B&NES drastic cost cutting – including a massive downscale of the public library resources and relocation

Outsourcing of medical services to Virgin

Amazing support and energy towards independent businesses by locals but central Bath is full of empty shops. Rent, business rates etc make it almost impossible to run an indie

Bath voted overwhelmingly to Remain in EU, but our local MP has been a staunch supporter of Theresa May’s plans for Brexit. Very progressive, eccentric community in many parts of town.

Devolution of powers to Wessex local government, we have an election coming up for the Wessex Mayor. Lots of changes afoot.

Upcoming election – what will happen! Will Theresa get her mandate? Will Jeremy save us all? Will the Lib Dems go into Coalition again? Will this stop Brexit?



Corner London Road & Hanover Street
United Kingdom



Chapter One, Corner London Road & Hanover Street, Bath, BA1 6PL

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