Campfire Convention 001.UK

A fine summer weekend in August 2016 which celebrated the launch of Campfire Convention, in the foothills of The Black Mountains on the Welsh borders. Add your feedback here.
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 5 Jan 2016

We’re all here because we believe there is a need for a new community, led by its members - one which can grow into a vibrant ecosystem where people can come together to share common interests, passions, ethics and motivations, whether related to work or play. We aim to provide an environment where members can facilitate personal and social change, free of many of the restrictions and machinations associated with commercial interests.

Campfire aims to put on a series of events, inspired and co-ordinated by its members, ranging from one night debates through to weekend jamborees.

We celebrated our launch this year with a new style of camping weekend, built around the inspiration of campfire, storytelling, networking and sharing knowledge.
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Fri, 08/12/2016 to Sun, 08/14/2016


18 Mar 2016 at 03:41 by Pete Lawrence

Campfire Convention 001.UK took place in the beautiful spot in the Golden Valley on the English side of The Black Mountains (just a few miles from the original and inspirational first Big Chill Gala event which created history 21 years ago) and utilised one of the most spectacular pub settings in the UK, surrounded by a stream and open fields leading to the Cat's Back and the foothills leading to Offa's Dyke.

9 Oct. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Young film maker Josh Harris came to Campfire Convention 001.UK, camera in hand. Helen Lennard held the tape recorder. Here are the results...
17 Aug. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
A selection of photos from our inaugural event
10 Jun. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Here is a short slide show of the site on which we're holding the first Campfire Convention 001.UK
1 Jun. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

Our August launch event Campfire Convention 001.UK is falling into shape and some of the core team are heading into The Black Mountains next weekend to walk the site and discuss more detailed plans ahead of the August Jamboree. We may even light a fire! 

12 Aug. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Our first weekend event, held in the Black Mountains of Herefordshire brining together ideas, conversation, debate, music, nature, music, food and drink
14 Feb. 2016 by Pete Lawrence

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