Campfire Circle 003.UK

Campfire's AGM meeting, to be held in Braunston on weekend November 4-6
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 16 Sep 2016

Campfire will be aiming at a minimum of three Circle meetings a year, to discuss ethos, strategy and future plans. This project will pull together suggestions, timetables and logistical details.



Fri, 11/04/2016 to Sun, 11/06/2016
3 Sep 2016 at 05:17 by Pete Lawrence
An outline for November 4-6th Campfire Circle 003.UK team meeting, using 'open space technology'
28 Oct. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Now is the time to look at ways of evolving a new model that can become trailblazing as a blueprint for a modern co-operative. In this article, I outline my ideas for Phase 2 of Campfire's development.
2 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
We asked attendees at Campfire Convention 001.Uk what they valued most highly at the event. here are some of the responses..
18 Sep. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Where to stay in and around Braunston
6 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Sparks were flying at the third Campfire Circle at my house this weekend - team coming together for two days of meetings and socials, some we'd never met before now. Inspiring themed discussions, open chats, new initiatives, resolutions. Much to think about, work on and take forward. Thanks to all who came, those who organised and brought the food, drink and good vibes...
4 Nov. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
Our third team meeting, Campfire Circle 003.Uk takes place in Braunston over the weekend of November 4-6th 2016