Campfire Beacons

Building resources and templates of experience about Campfire Beacons, designed to connect up local Campfire groups globally. What they are. How to start one. How to best facilitate and get results. What can they achieve..
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 15 Jan 2018

Information about Campfire Beacons, designed to connect up local Campfire groups globally. What they are. How to start one. What can they achieve..



Mon, 01/15/2018
2 Dec 2017 at 11:25 by Pete Lawrence
Campfire's local Beacons are already starting to catch alight. A central, crucial part of the Campfire social experiment - local area initiatives, with flexible objectives for real social change. Here's a simple guide on how you can join one or set one up.
10 Feb. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
We are inviting our members to light Beacons simultaneously across the UK and around the world to celebrate the launch of community initiatives creating real and effective social change, timed to coincide with the year’s solstice and equinox celebrations. 
10 Feb. 2018 by Mads Ryle
Ideas on how to light a Beacon - from our first meeting in Brighton & Hove
9 Feb. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
Your Beacon may like to embrace the ones that Campfire member Kimm Fearnley shares here or alternative create something similar using a practice that could be adapted. Kimm talks about the role that ceremony can play to remind coming to gatherings of the power of collaboration and the importance of sharing - something at the heart of Campfire.
9 Feb. 2018 by Pete Lawrence
The Beacons have been set up to bring people together, to give a sense of hope. Never before has the 'think local, act global' mantra been so important but we need to look at how we might make a difference through groups and gatherings. How effective might lighting a Beacon chain on days of seasonal change that looks for the common denominator, combines forms of technology with direct face-to-face communing to create sparks with potential to send smoke signals further afield
5 Dec. 2016 by Pete Lawrence
The proposed Beacons idea comes out of discussions at Campfire Circle 003.UK. Beacons are voluntary teams based around a geographical locality, working for social change and / or promoting participation in the keys areas of Campfire.