Bag It - The Movie/Screening

This project is about a screening of a 2010 american documentary on the effects of plastic packaging on our environment, see
by Azka Malik
Reading, Reading, United Kingdom,
Created on 23 Mar 2017

The film really made an immediate impact and motivated myself and others to raise awareness. The organizer is a personal friend and we discussed various ways we could organize screenings in our communities. The film concluded to show that plastics in the Pacific usually just circulate and are broken down by the sun's rays into tiny bits that fish and other marine life confuse for plankton.

Perhaps the main reason this film is getting attention since its original 2010 release is due to the mass deregulation planned by the current American administration. I wonder if campfire conventions, either planned around coastal areas or elsewhere, would consider screening this movie? I certainly feel there's a need to start a petition, gather 100,000 signatures and have the issue of plastics packaging debated in parliament. If the French can place a ban on plastics, so can we!




Thu, 03/23/2017 to Fri, 03/23/2018
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